Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heroines Boobs Barb Wire (1996, Pamela Anderson) Costume?

Barb Wire (1996, Pamela Anderson) Costume? - heroines boobs

I will be the birthday of a friend soon and it's a costume party.
I have decided, as Barb Wire (1996, Pamela Anderson) go out, because excessive Boobage at least I like the team and style.

(If anyone knows, share of other suggestions for the blonde heroine, please - In the event that something is better!)

I was wondering if anyone what kind of things that could be used to make the team, because I do not want to waste money on a costume, if I know buy things for later use.

For example, where to find boots, gloves or a leather jacket and cheap boob ish thing / corset.

Thanks in advance! :)
Sorry if this sounds confusing: L

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lostinle... said...

Skip to local charity shops, you never know what you can find and will not be expensive

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